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Hallmark believes in the importance of protecting our environment. As part of Hallmark’s overall HSEQ goal of protecting the health and safety of our employees as well as the environment, we are committed to exceeding the requirements of federal, provincial and municipal legislation relating to environmental regulations.

To meet these goals our policies include waste management, prevention of contaminants released into the environment, incident response procedures, recycling, and training. Hallmark has developed strategies to reduce waste, encourage the use of environmentally friendly products and fully eliminate the unintentional release of harmful materials for which a ‘Zero’ Target has been set. Hallmark’s vehicles and equipment are on a rigorous preventative maintenance plan for ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

Our environmental policies reach from the yard to the office. In our yard:

  • numerous recycling bins to separate and recycle our yard waste
  • onsite inspection that determines which products can be reused and/or which can be recycled.
  • Enviro-Clear a cleaning agent that is safe for the environment instead of toxic cleaning agents.
  • Spill prevention policies and reporting
  • Thread protector recycling

In the office:

  • numerous recycling bins
  • kitchens have composting bins
  • offices are equipped with motion detecting lights that save energy
  • installed water conservation appliances.
  • moving towards a paperless office to further reduce our paper usage.

Hallmark ensures that employees are provided proper training regarding environmental policies and regulations to ensure compliance. We are always looking for new innovating ways to protect the environment across our organization. Hallmark facilities and work sites are expected to adhere to the strategies that focus on waste prevention through reducing, reusing and recovering wastes. We have strategically located facilities to reduce our emissions by providing service closer to the action.

In addition, Hallmark is very active in volunteering and donating to environmental causes. Giving in time and money just makes sense. The results of Hallmark’s Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality programs are best in class services, with reliable products and great value for your dollar while still keeping the environment as an important aspect of our decision making process.

Our Green Logo shows our commitment to protecting the environment and serves as a reminder to consider the environment in every aspect of our job. Hallmark has made environmental stewardship a key part of our culture because environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

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