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Connection Inspection and Field Supervision

Premium Connection Inspection/Field Supervision and Inspection

HTS's experienced supervisors and certified field crews are experts at running premium connections and field repair. You can count on us to run your tubing or casing string to the exact manufacturers' specifications. The results are reduced non-productive time and a worry-free completion.

A proactive effort by HTS to educate oil and natural gas companies, rig crews and rental companies on tubular connection best practices has helped to maximize the performance of Hallmark’s OCTG and reduce repair costs.

HTS will routinely:

  • Meet with your team and plan your project;
  • Advise you on what tubular make-up equipment is required;
  • Supervise and assist with preparing pipe to be run;
  • Repair joints in the field that might otherwise be rejected;
  • Supervise and assist in the running and pulling of the string; and
  • Provide you with a written record of inspection results and work performed on the job.

HTS uses an advanced tracking system that allows a methodical performance analysis of your OCTG. We number each pipe length entering your wellbore and record the numbers in our computer torque monitoring system. If a problem occurs sometime after installation, we will be able to tell you where and how it was manufactured, where and how it was threaded, how long it was in storage, when and how it was installed, and provide you with all the documentation and test data relevant to that operation. Working with you, we will ascertain the root cause and implement procedures and processes, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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